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Serena Alberta is an organization dedicated to teaching and promoting the Sympto-Thermal (S-T) Method of Natural Family Planning.  The S-T Method is simple to learn and highly effective for couples wanting to avoid pregnancy, but also very beneficial for couples who wish to achieve a pregnancy.

Our trained teacher-couples are volunteers who practice the method in their own marriages and offer teaching sessions in their homes.

The S-T Method uses the observation various signs and symptoms to determine the fertile and infertile times in a woman’s cycle.  It has been proven that the effectiveness of natural family planning methods depends on a couple’s motivation and their understanding of the method.  It is therefore important to have a thorough teaching.

Serena Alberta is a member of the national organization Serena Canada.  Together with the Serena Canada team we are dedicated to spreading the good news about natural family planning and the Sympto-Thermal Method.

Serena Alberta
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